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I keep watching TED videos and crying. hah. NERD!

It just makes me really excited, joyous, and hopeful watching women talk about about fascinating and important things like hyperbolic geometry, bio luminescence, bacterial quorum sensing, facing fear and innovating new endeavors combining science and art. (Of course I’ll watch videos of men too, but I am totally a feminist. Women and science, holler!)

I’ve never really understood germophobes, because I’ve always had the innate understanding that we work in conjunction with bacteria. It’s a part of us, a part of the ecosystem… why fight and fear your natural ecosystem?! This video is of Bonnie Bassler speaking on how bacteria communicate.

I LOVED math class in 7th grade. I had a wonderful teacher who made it fun and creative, and we did a lot of hands on work which is how I learn best, therefore I was invigorated by figuring out mathematical problems. (She also came to my horse shows, which automatically made her an awesomely supportive human being). Then I took algebra in 8th grade with a bitchy old woman who was bitter and closed. I was not going to have any of that bullshit, so I failed the class. (I think that sums up my personality in a nut shell. If you act like an asshole I will just say “fuck it”. Why should I try for you? Open myself and share myself with you? And yes, I believe learning anything, even algebra, is a sharing interacting experience.) So ever since then, math became a disdainful requirement that made me feel frustrated and stupid because it was all done on paper and in the mind. So when I watched this video of Margaret Wertheim a few days ago, I did cry. I cried because the concepts are beautiful and fascinating and I UNDERSTOOD THEM. And I cried because I felt a sense of loss. There is so much that I could have been doing with my life (I still can!) but I mourned all that time lost to feeling inadequate just because people were not equipped with the tools to teach me in a way I could comprehend and enjoy.

And I love this video of Elizabeth Gilbert because she is so humble, yet knows who she is and why she is here. That alone is inspiring. It’s funny because I have an aversion to huge megahits of any sort, so I never read Eat, Pray, Love. But after watching this I will now. 🙂 And I look forward to whatever she puts out next!

I really want to change the public educational system. I wonder how I can go about doing that… haha.

Oh heeeyyy… just after I posted this, I started watching this video:

I kind of love him. That is all.

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  1. April 23, 2009 at 2:21 pm

    I’ve watched a few TED videos. There are some interesting ones on there. I still want/need to do a post on Jill Bolte. I really like the stuff she says about the brain and the process she had to endure to get back to living. Much of it is related to recovery. If you haven’t seen her yet on there, I encourage you to do so.

  1. April 22, 2009 at 11:29 am

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