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Ten Really, I mean really really, important questions.

What? I’m moving? I have to pack shit? Oh look a survey…

1. What is the one thing you want to learn to make before you die?
Learn to make? Hmm. Horse shoes. Because I am weird. I would really like to learn the trade of a blacksmith and be able to forge my own horse shoes for my imaginary horses that I own on my imaginary reclusive farm. No but seriously, I’d totally apprentice with a blacksmith. Pounding metal onto horses feet has always seemed appealing to me.

2. What is the one thing you avoid doing to avoid humiliation?
dance. I can’t allow myself to even toy with the idea of taking a dance class because I “know” I will be ridiculed. sad story.

3. If money weren’t an issue, what is the first thing you would buy?
selfish answer: PONY. (and by pony I mean impeccably well bred expensive warmblood) unselfish answer: I’d buy a huge cattle ranch somewhere out west and slowly but surely turn it into part indigenous land for it to heal itself, part wildlife rehab which would feed into the indigenous part, and part farm sanctuary… cause I’d be stuck with a bunch of cows who would not be sent to slaughter.

4. What is one of your favorite blog posts that you’ve written?
Last year I wrote one about death by our Capitalist culture using the examples of Eight Belles (the filly who broke her leg and was euthanized in the 2008 Kentucky Derby) and Deborah Jeane Palfrey (the “D.C. Madam” who committed suicide). I’ll probably re-post that blog here on the anniversary.

5. Would you rather have a personal chef or a personal trainer?
I’d love a personal trainer, but I’m also terrified of someone telling me I’m fat every day so I’d go with the chef because as much as I want to cook, and am going to try, it’s so damn time consuming!! (I don’t know why I think a personal trainer would be allowed to call me fat but a personal chef wouldn’t)

6. What’s a weird quirk you have?
I can’t think of anything specific. I think I’m just quirky in general. Maybe making everything metaphorical is a quirk.

7. If you could invent any kind of animal, what would it be?
Open your eyes! The world is FULL of amazing creatures, some that you probably couldn’t dream of existing… so why do humans need to invent new ones??? (have you fucking SEEN the cattle bred into Incredible Hulk Steer?! DISTURBING. I’ll show you. This is a Belgian Blue, a “genetically superior” cow. Humans are fucking stupid. (Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.)

8. What would you like now, at this very moment?
For all my stuff to pack itself and for my room to magically clean itself. Poof! Done.

9. What was the first movie that ever made you cry?
I had to use IMDB to look up release dates. It’s a toss up between which came first (for me): The Last Unicorn or Dances With Wolves. I know The Last Unicorn used to make me cry, but I don’t remember the first time I watched it specifically. I do remember watching Dances With Wolves and I cried like a little bitch (as 6 year olds are prone to do) when the white assholes settlers shot the HORSE in order to get to the rider. Those motherfuckers! I vowed from then on to always side with the Indians. I always thought I was a Native American tragically reincarnated in a suburban middle class white girls body. Super sad story.

10. What are a few of your greatest fears? Have they ever happened to you?
A. loving someone and not being loved in return.
B. being stranded at sea.
3. watching a horse die.
4. committing suicide.
E. living an unremarkable life, not improving the world in any way before I die.

Have they happened?
A. yes. and still afraid.
B. no, but just being kind of far out from the beach treading water freaks me the fuck out. All that open space, not knowing what’s beneath me…
3. no thank god. it kills me every time I see it in a movie, live on TV (Eight Belles and others) or read it in a book. I have friends who have been there when their horses have died…. I’ve had dogs and cats die and other animals but I don’t think I could bare to watch a horse die. It would be like I’m dying.
4. I think it’s possible, because mental illness is real and committing suicide is NOT A CHARACTER FLAW IT MEANS YOU’RE REALLY SICK.
E. I think thus far, I am unremarkable. I can’t comment on the future but I really hope that changes.

Got this from Cammy.

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