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Surveys, Quizzes, and Memes…

I have an addictive personality and when it comes to internet bullshitting I am a pro. I am drawn to those surveys, quizzes, and memes like a moth to a flame. (I was going to say like a mosquito to flesh, and I just can’t even think that without laughing out loud… gross. I also have a penchant for coming up with ridiculous similies.)

So just looking at my current facebook wall, here are all the things you can learn about me:

  • If I were a character in the ’90s TV show “My So-Called Life” I would be Angela (Claire Danes). I agree with this. Though whoever created that quiz was either severely dyslexic, five years old, or extremely drunk and/or high because the grammar hurts my soul. “You are like ackward and innocent…people love and admire you for this. You are like a thinker, and you’re eyes say more than like you ever could.” PAINFUL.
  • If I were a character in the ’90s TV show “Charmed” I would be Piper (Holly Marie Combs). I don’t really relate to any of the sisters too much, but I always liked Piper the best. I liked that she was often sarcastic with deadpan humor. And how freaking convenient would it be to have the ability to freeze time? Exactly.
  • Five places I have lived: Lyndhurst, OH. Richmond, IN. Chardon, OH. Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY. Inwood, Manhattan, NY.
  • My birth date reveals through computer generated incorrect numerology that I am a “2”. A born dipolomat. Aware of others’ needs and moods and often think of others before the self. Naturally analytical and very intuitive, don’t like to be alone. Friendship and companionship is very important and can lead to being successful in life, but on the other hand being alone is more enticing than being in an uncomfortable relationship. Naturally shy, learning to boost self-esteem and expression would help with seizing the moment and not putting things off. That sounds like me, though like I said, it’s incorrect and my actual numerology number is 11. Whoops.
  • Five TV shows I’ve seen every episode of: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bones, Lost, Heroes, Chuck. I think that’s a lie though, I don’t think I’ve seen every episode of Heroes, and I know there is one episode of Chuck I haven’t seen. I’M A LIAR!
  • Five albums I can listen to from beginning to end: “Who Killed Amanda Palmer?” by Amanda Palmer. “The Last 5 Years” Off-Broadway Musical by Jason Robert Brown. “Public Record” by RS (just realized if I write out names, it’s likely to show up in google alerts. Ummm…. awkward?) “The Summer Storm Journals” by Noe Venable. “This Way” by Jewel (and several other of her albums, too.)
  • If I had a patronus, because I’m magical in the land of Harry Potter… it would be a fox. Because I’m cunning witty, adaptable to change and very creative. Okay, sure.
  • The right side of my brain is dominant. Thanks I figured that out when I was 12.
  • Five things I want to learn: kickboxing, dance, cello, blacksmithing, cognitive neuroscience. hehehe. I do though, and I plan on learning all those things and doing them WELL. Because I’m an all-or-nothing kind of person.
  • Five songs I am currently addicted to: “The Story” by Brandi Carlile (especially the version of Eden Espinosa singing it at Joe’s Pub found on youtube, which I saw in person and cried). “Almost Lover” by A Fine Frenzy (story of my life?). “Runs In The Family” by Amanda Palmer (awesome song, just go listen to it. I love the way she formulates songs). “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey (actually the cast of Rock of Ages makes it FTW! and I’m cheesy on the inside). “The End” by Meghan Tonjes (up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Michigan, check her out!)
  • Five musical theater roles I would love to perform: Kate in Andrew Lippa’s The Wild Party (drunk slut belter), Cathy in The Last 5 Years (whiney co-dependent wanna-be-actress belter), Cinderella in Into The Woods (whiney princess legit soprano), Elphaba in Wicked (EPIC angsty teen. belter), and Cheryl in Evil Dead: The Musical (nerdy girl-turned-zombie belter). hahahaha
  • Five of my favorite children’s books: The Velveteen Rabbit, Ferdinand the Bull, Harold and the Purple Crayon, Make Way for Ducklings, and Billy and Blaze: A Boy and His Horse.

and there were more than that but they all got moved to the 2nd page. Like I told a friend, I’m going to have to join a 12-step detox program soon. I could take this information and analyze it….

maybe later.

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