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So* there’s a new show on Fox called Mental. I kept hearing about it on the periphery in blogs, mainly that it sucked. So I wasn’t going to bother even checking to see what it was about, until I read a more positive review of it today. It’s another medical show, along the vein of House M.D., but the new twist is it revolves around a psychiatric unit of a hospital in Los Angeles. In the pilot, Dr. Jack Gallagher arrives as the new director of mental health services. The staff is all pissed that some outsider from Vermont (le gasp!) was brought in to run this high volume hospital. And then some dude with schizophrenia starts seeing everyone as lizard demons and they get naked.

So…. overall, I liked it. Not the most captivating show, but not bad. And yes it is reminiscent of House but I think it can hold it’s own. I think people in the mental health fields were all really defensive and scrutinizing it. To which I say: hi, it’s television. What do you think other medical professionals think of all the other shows? I watched Grey’s Anatomy with my uncle who is an oncologist once, and he just laughed at the idiocy the whole episode. I guess people are all worried “the public” is going to get more wrong ideas about mental illness and stigma is going to get worse…

I have to disagree with that. It’s not like the writers of this show are pulling stereotypical shit out of their ass and throwing it around willy nilly without doing research. (Yeah I just said willy nilly, hot.) As for the psych stuff on the show, I think they did a good job. They depicted schizophrenia well, showing it from the person’s point of view whereas generally we’re just told “they have hallucinations”. To be shown their experience makes it that much more relatable… even if the special effects were pretty lame. I also think people were all worried that because the new guy decided to take the patient completely off his meds the general public would think psychiatrists are condoning schizophrenics be allowed to live without medication if it hinders their natural talent in any way. Obviously, that is NOT what the show was expressing, and the writers made sure that was repeated several times. The point was to wean him off Thorazine and try alternative treatments so he could re-cultivate his artistic talent, and find another cocktail in the mean time that would suppress the illness without compromising his ability to be creative. Being off meds was NOT a permanent solution to a potentially dangerous situation.

I have to say though, I thought the whole “breaking and entering” sub plot was unnecessary. Even in the magical land of suspended disbelief – also known as prime time entertainment – the head of mental health services would not go breaking and entering into the home of a patient’s caretaker just to see what’s in his room. Just no. Things like that WILL compromise the integrity of the show as a whole, when it’s up against a lot of odds. 

Soo… I totally was going to blog about two completely different things tonight, actually.

A) Dichotomous Language in the Era of the Millennial Generation: How we all Experience EPIC FAILS and Everything is MAJESTIC AND GLORIOUS! 

Though, I know I could potentially write approximately 15 pages on that… so I might have to, and then par it down to a blog post.


B) Sexuality and Gender are social constructs, but I still believe people are “born gay” and “born straight” and “born bisexual” as they are “born male” and “born female” and “born intersex” etc. Though of course, with gender they might be in the wrong biological body… oy see I probably could write 15 pages on this topic too. It’s just that earlier today a good friend of mine who I deeply respect, who is currently working towards her Ph.D. in sociology, a sex worker, and in a committed relationship with another woman, commented on my facebook saying she doesn’t believe people are “born gay” that sexuality is a social construct. And my mind was sufficiently blown… to which everyone I work with can attest because I was sitting in the office going, “what? what? what?….. wait, what? what???” hahaha.

If I can manage to wake up early tomorrow, I might crank something out then. If not, maybe over the weekend.

*Looking over this post as a whole, I realize I start sentences with “So” way too often. That is so improper! I need a review on the correct way to begin sentences. Damn.

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