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My Friends Have Talent

I don’t feel like writing about me, I feel like writing about my enormously talented friend Hailey Wojcik.

Hailey has worked her ass off these past few months making a record which will be one of the most awesomest awesome records ever. I even forgo grammar to express the stellar quality of her work. 

If Hailey has google alerts set up for herself, this will probably show up, and I apologize for sounding like such a douche. 

My cat just did a back flip because Hailey is so awesome, that is impressive. (Lie. Truth = she was hunting a bug.) Maybe she’ll lose a whisker though, and donate it to the mason jar. Then she and Clementine can be whiskermates even though were they to ever meet, they would surely punch each other in the face because both of our cats are assholes around other felines. (see : “Luck”)

So anyway… Hailey Wojcik’s last album, Jealous Sees, was released in 2005. Her single “Dinosaur Bone” became a viral hit on youtube due to her endearing costume and Brooklyn backdrop. Not to mention the catchy melody and clever lyrics. Check it out:

Her new album, Diorama, will be released in the coming months and is definitely more of an indie rock sound than the previous albums. What does this show? Musical maturity and outstretched wings! (It’s Pride month, I had to say something totally gay.) But in all seriousness, this album is solid and full of potential to create a mass cult following of fantastical glory. Here are a few previews, because I stalk her and video tape all her performances.

“Angler Fish” from my benefit concert back in February at the Bowery Poetry Club. Disclaimer: This song might make you pee yourself.

“Luck” from her Memorial Day show at Rockwood Music Hall featuring Her Imaginary Friends. Hailey is playing the strumstick, Understated Instrument of Awesome.

“Imaginary Friends With Benefits” also at Rockwood Music Hall with Her Imaginary Friends. I can tell you with confidence the album version of this song KICKS YOUR ASS. It will get stuck in your head for days and you will like it.

So now I know you want to go check out all the salacious details at www.haileywojcik.com. Right? Right.

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