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Someone on facebook asked people to fill out a questionnaire she posted about eating disorders. She’s writing an article for her university and wanted diverse experiences. I thought I’d re-post my answers here.

What was your diagnosis and how long into your ED did you go before you were diagnosed? If you were never diagnosed please share.

I never asked my therapist what my diagnosis was, but at the time it probably was bulimic. Though most of my ED history would be EDNOS. I finally saw a therapist specifically for the ED (in the thralls of serious bulimia) after 10 years of EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified) which varied in severity and “type” (aka more restrictive vs. more bingeing) over the years.

How old were you?

ED started around 15, diagnosed at 25

Were you in university while struggling with your ed? if yes what was that like for you and what help or hinderances did you find along the way?

first year at college I was very restrictive and exercised a lot, but I thought I was healthier than I was in high school… though eventually friends kept accusing me of being anorexic. This lead to the ED turning 360 and I started bingeing and compulsive emotional overeating second year. This lead to dropping out due to severe depression.

Was there anything that triggered your ED or that kept you from recovery?

I don’t quite understand this question… I wanted to be thin and I felt I needed this secret control over choices even if I knew they were the wrong choices, they were MY choices… 

What support did you need then?

What support did you receive?

my friends tried to be supportive but it backfired. (don’t accuse people of being anorexic… that’s not helpful.)

Were people around you aware of your ED? How did this impact your relationships?

mostly no they weren’t other than the few who accused me and then I just denied it. I started to isolate more to avoid more accusations.

Are you recovered with no problems? recovered with some problems? still fighting? dont want to fight?

I’m in recovery and in a very good place. I haven’t purged since the summer and I’m finally loving my body as it is and allowing myself love. That doesn’t mean thoughts don’t creep in sometimes or certain situations don’t still freak me out.

If applicable, is there anything(s) you would recommend to someone fighting an ED?

life is ever-changing, it won’t always be this bad. The ED is all about fear, find your fear and you’ll find the beginning of the road to recovery.

If you could tell people anything about eating disorders what would it be?

As I said above, the eating disorder is a fear-based reaction to stress and triggers. it’s very serious illness that affects the physical body – including the brain – once the physical aspects are being taken care of… facing fear and working through mental issues and processes are what will lead to recovery… and recovery can only truly occur when a person learns self-love.

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